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  • n. The point of a body's elliptical orbit about the system's centre of mass where the distance between the body and the centre of mass is at its maximum.

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  • n. (astronomy) the point in an orbit farthest from the body being orbited


apo- +‎ apsis (Wiktionary)


  • Aerobraking would both require an out-of-plane orbit to keep from running the gauntlet of the ring particles for millions of km every orbit and, once the apoapsis was lowered to the distance of the rings, leave the craft moving far slower than the orbital speed of the rings.

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  • This was the apoapsis maneuver setting up for the Titan 71 encounter on July 7.

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  • All apoapsis maneuver numbers up to this point have been divisible by three.

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  • Today Imaging Science (ISS) acquired high priority science data for an 11-hour movie of the streamer-channel feature raised in the F-ring by the apoapsis passage of Prometheus.

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  • How is it that at one moment Cassini can be found nearly at apoapsis, the farthest point from Saturn in an orbit, and within a day, be at periapsis, the closest point to Saturn in an orbit, when its orbital period is around 16 days?

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  • However, because of the gravitational influence of Titan during the flyby, Cassini's orbit is modified such that apoapsis on the new Saturn centered orbit occurs prior to the Titan encounter, on an orbit different from the one Cassini actually flew.

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  • Just a few hours later, apoapsis and the start of orbit #107 would have occurred.

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  • This is the apoapsis maneuver setting up for the Titan 47 encounter on Nov. 19.

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  • The Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS) was then active for 10 hours and performed an apoapsis mosaic of the unlit side of Saturn's rings.

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  • Today the spacecraft is operating quietly out near apoapsis beginning with a

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