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  • n. A poisonous white crystalline alkaloid, C17H17NO2, derived from morphine and used medicinally to induce vomiting.

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  • n. A particular narcotic used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

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  • n. An artificial alkaloid, C17H17NO2, prepared from morphine. The hydrochlorate is used in medicine as a powerful emetic. It is usually administered hypodermically. Also (as New Latin) apomorphina, apomorphia, emetomorphia.

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  • n. a morphine derivative that is not as strong as morphine; used as an emetic and in small doses as a sedative


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  • So after the use of a miraculous drug called apomorphine a teeny pill I dissolved under Suzie's eyelid, she heaved her guts up big-time.

    Vet's view: Gross-out humor comes up now and then

  • Also being tested is a "dopamine agonist" called apomorphine, recently recommended for approval for use in men, which sends electrical impulses from the hypothalamus to the genitals to trigger increased blood flow.

    The Science Of Women & Sex

  • Interestingly, Wistar rats that display a high susceptibility for the dopamine receptor agonist apomorphine, the so-called apomorphine-susceptible (APO-SUS) rats

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Dr. Dent had discovered a cure using apomorphine, a derivative of morphine but nonaddictive, that seemed to have real promise.

    The Typewriter Is Holy

  • Last year the London Times reported that the pope takes levodopa, a standard treatment, and before public appearances or officiating at a mass he reportedly also receives a shot of the fast-acting drug apomorphine hydrochloride, which is effective for only a short time.


  • The treatment is to evacuate the stomach immediately, either by administering mustard water, or apomorphine gr. 1/10 by hypodermic, or by the stomach tube.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • Answer: Mustard, sodium chloride, apomorphine, ipecac, and sulphate of copper are emetics.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • That said, there is growing evidence that the following available or forthcoming medications may promote return or ease of climax: phentolamine, apomorphine, prostaglandin E-1 cream, and bupropion Wellbutrin or Zyban.

    Great Sex for Moms

  • One of the most promising is a medication known as “apomorphine,” which may become widely available in the near future.

    Getting Pregnant

  • As for any FDA conspiracy to suppress the use of apomorphine in the treatment of opiate addiction, I would now say only that to my knowledge there have been very few serious experimental tests of its effectiveness for that purpose, and given Dr. Dent's successes with the drug, it seems odd that its potential should remain largely unexplored.

    Dead Roads


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