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  • n. Roman Catholic Church The ceremony of sprinkling the altar, clergy, and congregation with holy water.

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  • n. A Christian rite in which the congregation is sprinkled with water.
  • n. The brush or instrument used in sprinkling holy water; an aspergill.
  • n. Common misspelling of Asperger's., a shortening of Asperger Syndrome

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  • n. The service or ceremony of sprinkling with holy water.
  • n. The brush or instrument used in sprinkling holy water; an aspergill.

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  • n. In the Roman Catholic Church: An antiphon, taken from the Miserere, intoned by the celebrant and sung by the choir before the solemn mass on Sundays, during which the priest sprinkles with holy water the altar, clergy, and people. With some modifications, the same rite is practised in the Greek and Oriental churches.
  • n. The sprinkling performed by the priest during the antiphon.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Latin aspergēs (mē), you will sprinkle (me), the first words of the rite, second person sing. future tense of aspergere, to sprinkle; see asperse.

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From Latin aspergō ("to sprinkle").


  • Beneath his asperges of fun-loving, and the irreverently glib playing of the fool, underneath the layers of over-eager passion and child-like innocence beat the heart of a calculating figure, but only when the situation appeared hopeless.

    Excerpt from Crackle

  • In Eastertide (and only during Eastertide), the Vidi Aquam ("I saw water") chant replaces the Asperges Me ("Sprinkle me") during the asperges, the traditional rite at the start of the mass when the priest splashes the congregation with holy water.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Happy Birthday Fanny, ta tarte aux asperges et au chèvre est sublime ….

    foodbeam » Bon Anniversaire – Tarte fine aux Asperges et aux Meilleur Chèvre Frais du Monde

  • There was even grafitti about the veggie; on the library door of the college that I attended, someone had written in marker, "Quand j'etais jeune, je n'aimais pas les asperges" When I was young, I didn't like asparagus.

    True Swiss

  • Have the asparagus foam thingy asperges... or the aubergine mille feuille!

    How do you get a table at L'atelier?

  • There was an autistic boy there today and he had asperges syndrome and adhd.

    abutterfly Diary Entry

  • No asperges, no waft of incense; couple of altar boys chirping alleluias, then the oddest of sermons.

    At Swim, Two Boys

  • Antkowa bowed down to his feet, wiping tears of rage from her eyes, and after she had poured the holy water into a chipped basin and put the asperges-brush beside it, she went out into the passage, where a few people who had come with the priest were waiting already.

    Selected Polish Tales

  • Before retiring to rest the house-father goes to the cowhouse with holy water and consecrated salt, asperges it from without, and then entering, sprinkles every cow.

    Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan

  • Then he visits the lord and lady of the manor, who are sitting at meat in their solar, and asperges them in like manner.

    The Parish Clerk


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