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  • n. Plural form of bacillus.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. plural of bacillus; usually designating aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacteria; they often occur in chainlike formations.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Plural of bacillus.


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  • The poison excreted by the bacilli is the diphtheria bacilli's dangerous weapon against the human being, without which weapon they would be delivered over helplessly to the natural prophylactic power of the living human organism.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • But it is as well to note that not only is the secretion of the lung called sputum dangerous by reason of its bacillary content, but that, according to the investigations of Flügge, even the smallest drops of mucus expelled into the air by the patient when he coughs, clears his throat, and even speaks, contain bacilli and can cause infection.

    Robert Koch - Nobel Lecture

  • Just as little as it has any direct influence on the diphtheria bacilli, is it able to have any direct action, whatever, on the living body elements of the patient who either has, or is threatened with, diphtheria.

    Emil von Behring - Nobel Lecture

  • When infectious people cough, sneeze, talk or spit, they propel TB germs, known as bacilli, into the air.

    Chapter 2

  • We distinguish within this group two widely different series of forms, which we will speak of as bacilli and cocco-bacteria respectively.

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 303, October 22, 1881

  • When people who are sick with TB in their lungs cough, sneeze, talk or spit, they propel TB germs, known as bacilli, into the air. -- Top News

  • Most of the second-line TB drugs used to treat drug-resistant TB are known for their relative ineffectiveness against the bacilli, meaning a lengthy treatment of up to two years.

    Doctors Without Borders

  • Massive lesions soon form in the lungs and brain, as a few thousand bacilli propagate within days into literally trillions of voracious parasitic microbes.

    The Wrong Man

  • Daughtry had inquired into the matter, and the inquiry was violent; for he had a wholesome fear of germs and bacilli, and when the two active young men tried to run him through with their filth-corroded spears, he caught the spear of one young man under his arm and put the other young man to sleep with a left hook to the jaw.


  • The presentation of Jews as “corroding and poisonous parasites,” as vermin, as bacteria and bacilli, everywhere infesting and striving to “destroy the body of the German people as a whole” and each individual German with a “demonic power” paralyzed to a large extent any internal resistance on the part of the masses.

    Think Progress » Fox News Makes A ‘Big F—ing Deal’ Out Of Biden’s Private Remark At Bill Signing Ceremony


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