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  • n. A teenage or late-adolescent girl.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Borrowing from German Backfisch ("teenage girl”, literally “fish for frying").


  • In English there is flapper, in French there is ingénue, and in German there is backfisch.

    Chapter 11. American Slang. 1. Its Origin and Nature

  • The orchestra plays Grieg and Moszkowski; a smell of chocolate is in the air; that tall, pink lieutenant over there, with his cropped head and his outstanding ears, his _backfisch_ waist and his mudscow feet -- that military gargoyle, half lout and half fop, offends the roving eye.

    Europe After 8:15

  • She didn't believe for one moment in starving Germans, but these certainly did not look so prosperous and buxom as a pre-war German mother and _backfisch_ would have looked.

    Dangerous Ages

  • In revenge, the _backfisch_ coughed and sneezed "all over the carriage," as Mrs. Hilary put it, "in the disgusting German way," and her mother made noises as if she could be sick if she tried hard enough.

    Dangerous Ages

  • These were a mother and a _backfisch_, and they looked shyly and sullenly at Mrs. Hilary and the other English-woman in the compartment.

    Dangerous Ages

  • The German mother broke out in angry remonstrance, indicating that she had neuralgia and the _backfisch_ a cold in the head.

    Dangerous Ages

  • A blond woman, wearing the Imperial crown and with her hair braided in pigtails like a German _backfisch_, is whirling in the tango with a skeleton partner.

    Raemaekers' Cartoons With Accompanying Notes by Well-known English Writers

  • I wish I could see myself as you see me -- foreshortened into a backfisch.

    Howards End

  • She resented the kind of quasi-guardianship that this clever _backfisch_ assumed towards her, though she knew it meant that Nora had fallen in love with her.

    Lady Connie


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