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  • We dove in and baked, dove in and baked in the afternoon sun, and when wed had enough of it, we changed clothes and drove back into Menaggio to have a go at the miniature golf course there.

    The Italian Summer

  • -- The ruins of Nineveh have furnished a vast collection of inscriptions partly carved on marble or stone slabs and partly impressed upon bricks anti upon clay cylinders, or sixsided and eight-sided prisms, barrels and tablets, which, used for the purpose when still moist, were afterward baked in a furnace or kilo.

    Smith's Bible Dictionary

  • Now came in a plate of beautiful biscuit; then an equally beautiful loaf of light-bread; then a plate of new-fashioned corn bread, parceled out by the spoonful, and baked in the shape that the spoon gave it.

    Master William Mitten: or, A Youth of Brilliant Talents, Who Was Ruined by Bad Luck

  • Some generous soul had brought a thinly sliced roast, but I passed it by, and instead got some broccoli, a fruit casserole baked in some kind of curry sauce, a roll, and a cold three-bean salad.

    Grave Surprise

  • Cow peas (red or white, which when boiled turned black), fat bacon and old-fashioned Georgia corn bread, baked in pones from one to two and three inches thick, make up the chief articles of food.

    The New Slavery in the South--An Autobiography

  • The second day, after a light meal of fruit and tubers, which Sharra had baked in the ashes of the fire, the two continued on a steady course south.

    Dragon Drums

  • Visits to their homes meant two-course snacks coffee and, as my father called them or four-course lunchestripe or chicken cacciatore or cold-cut sandwiches, spaghetti with clam sauce, thin-sliced eggplant baked in gravy, a salad of peppers, tomatoes, greens from the backyard garden.

    The Italian Summer

  • It had been baked in Cape Town and was very weevily, but it was food.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Forty years later he told Walter Scott and Lockhart how “during many months when he was toiling in early life in London he hardly over tasted butcher-meat except on a Sunday, when he dined usually with a tradesman's family, and thought their leg of mutton, baked in the pan, the perfection of luxury.”


  • You must know there is a great painter in Brussels of the name of Verboeckhoven (which, translated into the vernacular, means a bull and a book baked in an oven!), who is another Paul Potter.

    Letters and Journals 01


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