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  • n. The act of berating.


From berate +‎ -ment. (Wiktionary)


  • He continued his beratement, his scoffing, his scolding and his hissing.

    Simon Burns gets too hot to handle

  • Instead, I created my own course of study, despite her daily worry and verbal beratement about how I was going to lose a year of school.


  • At the risk of an onslaught of beratement, and with no insult meant to families and friends of those murdered on that sad september day, Im really getting sick of Bush waving 9/11 in our faces.

    Your Right Hand Thief

  • Because of idealism's ambivalent and unrecognized dependence on the feminized other, its improperly grieved loss leads to the sorts of outrages that Freud associates with unsuccessful mourning: notably, manic self-beratement and self-laceration, and the hallucinatory identification with the lost object so that the subject assumes the shadowy form of the beloved.

    Mourning Becomes Theory: Schelling and the Absent Body of Philosophy

  • I didn't receive a letter like John did, and I didn't receive much in the way of verbal beratement, which made me feel like the call was actually a good one.

    CNN Transcript Jan 23, 2002

  • Some people are more susceptible to -- to everyone else's beratement.

    CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Two Confirmed Dead in California School Shootings, Cheney Admitted to Hospital After Chest Discomfort - March 5, 2001

  • During Nog's beratement, Jake had watched the screen showing Ops and realized that the situation there was growing worse, not better.

    The Long Night

  • His non interest in purchasing this item and yet consistent beratement of it raises wonders of what other items he decides to impart his impartial and vast knowledge on.

    Coolsmartphone News

  • "He went into a lengthy beratement and, during that berating that he was trying to hand down to me, he actually said that he would denounce everything that I said wholeheartedly," Ellis said.

    Sand Mountain Reporter: News

  • One guy assured us he was the man to lead us to where we wanted to go and then tried to get a ridicolous price from us, we said we'd just take a taxi instead which was parked behind him and he got very angry, started shouting and screaming that we'd wasted his time and eventually after much beratement from Ace, who was using cracker lines such as "it's dog eat dog world" and "in the world of business things are tough at the top" he threatened to kill us and followed our taxi for a while. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at


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