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  • Preterit and past participle of bestride.


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  • The gulf is so enormous that unless someone does something reckless it will never be bestrid or over-arched.

    Kalooki Nights

  • Amazonian fair having overthrown and bestrid her enemy, was now cuffing him lustily with both her hands, without any regard to his request of a cessation of arms, or to those loud exclamations of murder which he roared forth.

    The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

  • Aided by the dramatist, Shakespeare, who has told their story in an immortal play, Antony will live in our imagination as a gianl figure, one whose 'legs bestrid the ocean' and whose 'reared arm/Crested the world'.


  • _Agesilaus_ hauing a great sort of little children, was one day disposed to solace himself among them in a gallery where they plaied, and tooke a little hobby horse of wood and bestrid it to keepe them in play, one of his friends seemed to mislike his lightnes, o good friend quoth

    The Arte of English Poesie

  • Image now to yourself this illustrious Cavalier mounted on his _hackney_; and see if it does not bring before you the Church, bestrid by some lumpish minister of state, who turns and winds it at his pleasure.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 10, No. 264, July 14, 1827

  • The Assyrian colossus which bestrid the west Asiatic world has failed and collapsed, and the Medes and the Chaldaeans -- these two clouds no bigger than a man's hand which had lain on Assyria's horizon -- fill her seat and her room.

    The Ancient East

  • The sight of my faithful "Hiatoga" bestrid by a Rebel, wrung my heart.


  • We must also consider how illiterate the inhabitants of the country were in the reign of Henry VII., how the nation was bestrid by officials of the Empson and Dudley type, and we have reason to believe that various accidents, intentional or otherwise, caused many an old grant to disappear at that period.

    Shakespeare's Family

  • For the primal suggestion of the legend, may we not say that the sea, that enormous force of Nature with many reserved energies in its vast bosom, though bestrid and subdued by a ship, at times breaks loose and destroys, in spite of skillful navigation and perfect machinery?

    Homer's Odyssey A Commentary

  • 'Then follow me,' he said, and conducted them into the open air of the inner court, almost opposite the archway in its buildings leading to the stone bridge, whose gothic structure bestrid the moat of the keep.

    St. George and St. Michael


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