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  • n. A surrealist art movement of the twentieth century that focuses on the power of natural life and uses organic shapes, with shapeless and vaguely spherical hints of the forms of biology.


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First used in 1936 by Alfred H Barr, Jr. (1902-1981), art historian.


  • The previous post by dmtls Merzbau on Carlo Mollino prompted me to Google for the term biomorphism once more and there it was, the image I had found on the web a couple of years back but had since been unable to find again.

    Lost and found: biomorphism « Jahsonic

  • Marc Newson incorporates a design style known as biomorphism to the various designs that he makes.

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  • Invented by Treg Bradley and designed with the high-gloss biomorphism of superstar Karim Rashid, Grobal is ideal for cultivating house plants, flowers, herbs, orchids, and succulents.

    GROBAL GREENING: ‘Techno-Organic’ Self-Watering Planters | Inhabitat

  • Previously on Jahsonic: Lost and found: biomorphism

    Happy birthday Luigi Colani « Jahsonic

  • Previously on Jahsonic: Lost and found: biomorphism ...

    Lost and found: biomorphism « Jahsonic

  • Today's monochrome skylines may give way to a riot of biomorphism; buildings might look more like tumors than constructions as we know them.

    Archive 2006-06-01

  • Within Surrealism he sees two basic styles: biomorphism, primarily in Arp, and spatial illusionism, principally in Magritte and Dali.

    The D-S Expedition: Part I

  • The earliest painting here, "Crime Meets Crime," owes much to Matta's sexy biomorphism, but adds original touches, like the network of white lines, made of dots and dashes, that links elements in the composition.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Topiarium, a recent installation dealing with plants, architecture, biomorphism and more.

    Canadian Art - Online

  • The biomorphism of Neto's work may correspond as closely as anything on view to the notion of Tropicália inaugurated in the late 1960s by another artist represented here, Hélio Oiticica.

    SFGate: Top News Stories


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