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  • n. A cage for birds.
  • n. Slang The controlled air traffic space near an airport.

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  • n. A cage to keep pet or zoological specimen birds in.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

bird +‎ cage.


  • I will concede that the image of a cow squeezed into a birdcage is amusing.

    Milking the old cash cow « BuzzMachine

  • I didn't realize that the birdcage was a symbol of domestic happiness for Victorians.

    Victoria Magazine June 1990, 1994

  • This became known as the birdcage thesis, and Chen and his allies were intent on keeping the bird in its cage.


  • This became known as the birdcage thesis, and Chen and his allies

    The Commanding Heights

  • With my hair sufficiently plastered down it was time for the birdcage aka "party veil".


  • I'm most famous for my birdcage, which is a freestanding aerial rig, ten feet high by eight feet wide, with a hoop inside for my trapeze work.

    British Blogs

  • One, for example, is a "birdcage" in the shape of Cuba that clearly expresses the anger Cuban people feel about being caged in by a repressive government.

    Andy Schupak: Letter from Cuba

  • Within what was supposed to be a day or two of the removal of all the officers to a more secure "birdcage" outside the town, those two gentlemen vanished under the floor of their room, through a kind of tiny trap-door that I have often seen, but which was then partly concealed by a bed, and was apparently never noticed by their Boer custodians.

    With the Guards' Brigade from Bloemfontein to Koomati Poort and Back

  • The BvS-10 recently entered the Afghan theater of operations as a key vehicle for the British Royal Marines, complete with anti-RPG slat/'birdcage' armor.

    Defense Industry Daily

  • Since the Referendum Law was promulgated in 2003, it has been dubbed a "birdcage" law by critics who said the thresholds for putting a referendum proposal on the ballot and passing it were excessively high.

    Taipei Times


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