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  • n. A pear-shaped plucked lute used in the classical and traditional music of Japan.


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From Japanese 琵琶 (びわ, biwa).


  • Heike-Monogatari, and other tragical histories, were called biwa-hoshi, or

    Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things

  • In this particular version, Ueda accompanies herself on the biwa, which is not the case with the other styles.


  • Both play the Satsuma-biwa, which is considered more virile and better suited for such an epic.


  • And in " Samurai Rebellion " 1967, the composer again imposes his dear " less is more " principle, waiting nearly 30 minutes from the opening credits to introduce the plaintive voice of the biwa — the Japanese lute whose sound, if not name, is so familiar, in large part thanks to this composer.

    Japanese Cinema

  • The same Heike, in fact, that had stolen away the biwa player Hoichi, and made him sing to them the ballad of their destruction.

    Blood Ninja II

  • Tadahiro, right-hand man to Yuko's dad biwa instructor!

    Story Transform!

  • Blind troubadour or biwa hôshi, if you want the Japanese term, but now the point is moot Suspicious temple monk a kappa

    Story Transform!

  • Which reminds me: a note about heaven--there is eternity to do stuff in, so if you want to learn about fluid dynamics, or meteology, or master the biwa Wakanomori, not me, or improve your strength or flexibility, or learn to speak every language ever, you can.

    iron cold

  • As the intro rolls, the strains of a biwa fill the speakers and classic kimono prints overlayed ...

    Azumanga Daioh, Complete Series | The Anime Blog

  • Osamu Kitajima - Benzaiten - Debut rock/ethno/psych album released on Antilles in 1974, incorporating traditional Japanese instruments koto, biwa, wood flute into the standard rock mix.

    Adventures in the NWW List, Part 2


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