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  • n. A villain or bad guy in a story, especially in a Western (a film or other work of the Western genre).
  • n. this sense?) (computing, slang) A malicious hacker who commits illegal acts.
  • n. A Haredi Jew; a member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.


From the black stetsons (cowboy hats) traditionally worn by such villains. (Wiktionary)
From the black hats traditionally worn by men in Haredi communities. (Wiktionary)


  • What one must do to bring her to life was to think poetically and prosaically at one and the same moment, thus keeping in touch with fact — that she is Mrs Martin, aged thirty – six, dressed in blue, wearing a black hat and brown shoes; but not losing sight of fiction either — that she is a vessel in which all sorts of spirits and forces are coursing and flashing perpetually.

    A room of one's own

  • The man was dressed in a shabby, black-colored overcoat and a little round, black hat that fitted closely to his head.

    The Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Instead, when the train drew up at the next station, she hopped blithely on to the platform and was greatly surprised to find a young friend of hers, the Reverend Noel Wells, seated upon the nearest bench, his long black-trousered legs uncanonically sprawling, his soft black hat tilted over his eyes, his mouth wide open and an expression of imbecile contentment on his vacuous, sleeping face.

    Death at the Opera

  • Robert Davenport — a lean, nondescript face sandwiched between the tall black hat and the plain white collar of the Puritan divine.

    War Game

  • Her long hair was drawn back and twisted in one long braid hanging down her back, and she wore a stiff-brimmed black hat like a toreador's.

    The Cat Who Moved A Mountain

  • Whoever it was wore a black hat and pulled a huge suitcase on wheels behind herhuge enough for a monthlong trip.


  • She squatted at his feet, elbowing those on either side of her roughly, a thin and stringy creature of about thirty years, clad in much-mended but reasonably clean clothes—black skirt, red petticoat, red blouse, black jerkin and an oddly cheeky black hat which sat with its wide brim to one side and bore a goose feather dyed scarlet.

    Morgan’s Run

  • There appeared the foreign little bloke dumping down a gladstone bag at the top of the steps that led from the porch to the street, and the woman, the wife apparently, was coming out and dumping down a black hat – box.


  • Sometime before, he had put aside his old weather-beaten cap for a tall black hat Jed Hotchkiss found for him.



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