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  • adj. superlative form of blank: most blank.


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  • “I had the blankest year, outside life turned into a tv show.”

    Top 10 Songs That Should Be Used in a Movie » Scene-Stealers

  • I'm going to say "No! Mezzo-forte! and they will be giving me just the blankest looks."

    Making a High School Musical When It Isn't

  • Least of all, writers of science fiction, who if they are true to their calling, start with the blankest of canvases, and are free to create, worlds, universes, cultures, states of being and consciousness, the very laws of mass and energy if they so choose.

    Point/Counterpoint: Media Tie-Ins

  • For a moment he gazed in blankest amazement, the fury wiped ludicrously from his face.


  • Palin's record on race and diversity has been the blankest of blank sheets.

    Earnest Harris: The Charged, Hateful Language Of Election 2008

  • She made sure her shields were as tight and strong as she could make them and gave her blankest smile.

    Personal Demons

  • It implies that the whole intellectual basis of mankind is established, that the rules of logic, the systems of counting and measurement, the general categories and schemes of resemblance and difference, are established for the human mind for ever — blank Comte-ism, in fact, of the blankest description.

    A Modern Utopia

  • Going madly off into a fading teevee breakdown, a degenerating of colors to boil down to utter depressing greys, greys of all shades, deepening into the blankest of the most depressing color there is, that which is totally empty of color, the color of tears.

    From the Shambles

  • I wonder if the Pew numbers include the people in the room who gave Morra and I the blankest of blank looks.

    Waking up to the blogosphere

  • “Mercy on me!” he exclaimed, with a look of the blankest bewilderment.



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