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  • Having a bushy tail: specifically applied to certain porcupines of the genus Atherura.


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  • The mammals include a number of well-known animals such as the eastern grey kangaroo Macropus giganteus, the red-necked wallaby M. rufogriseus, wallaroo M. robustus, koala Phasocarctos cinereus and wombat Vombatus ursinus, the greater glider Petaurus volans, the squirrel glider P. norfolcensis, mountain brushtailed possum Trichosurus caninus; also the rarer spotted-tailed quoll Dasyurus maculatus (VU), long-nosed potoroo Potorous tridactylus (VU), yellow-bellied glider Petaurus australis and brush-tailed rock wallaby Petrogale penicillata (VU).

    Greater Blue Mountains Area, Australia 2009

  • Both shelter species which have disappeared from the adjacent mainland, such as the brush-tailed rabbit-rat (Conilurus penicillatus), with the Wellesley Islands the only occurrence of this species in Queensland.

    Carpentaria tropical savanna 2008

  • Introduced deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and brush-tailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) browse heavily on native vegetation, and have significantly affected both the understory and the canopy of Rakiura's forests.

    Rakiura Island temperate forests 2008

  • The narrow strip of tall open forest is crucial for the conservation of the northern populations of three species of mammals that are restricted to this forest type, namely: yellow-bellied glider Petaurus australis, brush-tailed bettong Bettongia penicillata (E) and swamp rat Rattus lutreolus.

    Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Site, Australia 2008

  • Also present are Zaire clawless otter Aonyx congica, brush-tailed porcupines Atherurus africanus, bongo antelope Tragelaphus euryceros, Sitatunga antelope T. spekei, black-legged mongoose Bdeogale nigripes, black mongoose Crossarchus alexandri, and marsh mongoose Atilax paludinosus.

    Okapi Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo 2008

  • Today, the biggest threats to the kauri forests are natural senescence and browsing by brush-tailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula).

    Northland temperate kauri forests 2008

  • Threatened mammals include the brush-tailed rock-wallaby (Petrogale penicillata VU) and the Hastings River mouse (Pseudomys oralis EN).

    Eastern Australian temperate forests 2008

  • When Europeans arrived on the islands in the early nineteenth century, they brought with them 34 exotic mammal species (including brush-tailed possums, rabbits, cats, goats, stoats and ferrets) and hundreds of invasive weedy plant species.

    Biological diversity in New Zealand 2008

  • Pigs, wild cattle, horses, goats, Australian brush-tailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), as well as smaller animals, such as rats and mice have all been harmful to the native biota of the Chatham Islands.

    Chatham Island temperate forests 2008

  • These include rat Rattus rattus, stoat Mustela erminea and cat Felis catus as predators, and herbivores such as rabbit Oryctalagus cuniculus, hare Lepus sp., brush-tailed possum Trichosurus vulpecula, and red deer Cervus elaphus.

    Tongariro National Park, New Zealand 2008


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