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  • n. martial arts fraud, especially exaggerated or fraudlent claims regarding the biography, lineage, skills or experience of martial arts instructors


Blend of bullshit and bushido. Attested from 1996, and popularized by the website from 2002. (Wiktionary)


  • OF OUR CONSTITUTION. as far as comments by individuals in bullshido, who say that i took money from students to open schools that is a lie, in the past students paid for instructions, as most do to other instructors in the martial arts for services, but i did not take money to open schools. i do not own a school. nor do i operate a business. i teach for the exercise it gives me, and i find it enjoyable, it realeses stress. some bullshido members have made it their manifesto to stop me from teaching martial arts, they have sent spys acting like interested potentoial students to find out about how my skills are, they have twisted the facts in a negative way as regards my martial art skills. i have now apologized and now i will remain silent and allow my attorneys to speak on my behalf regarding some slanderous and libelous comments and the character assasination that will not stop from bullshido users who some live in texas and have made it their life goal to stop me dead.

    richard guerra

  • i have been the major focus of bullshido for a long time, any thing that is said to them, they twist it to make any one look bad, so no answer is never good enough.

    richard guerra


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