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  • The airflow's better out there and you won't have to sleep surrounded by blood scent. "

    Blood Lines

  • But side by side with this faculty of patience, there was a certain tropical element in the men, a sort of fiery ecstasy when aroused, which seemed to link them by blood with the French Turcos, and made them really resemble their natural enemies, the Celts, far more than the Anglo-Saxon temperament.

    Army Life in a Black Regiment

  • It was all a knitting of the Empire; the uniting of its strands by blood and bone and sentiment; that federation, based on race and the human qualities, which had budded and bloomed in Sir George Grey's mind.

    The Romance of a Pro-Consul

  • With Bligh sailed one Fletcher Christian of a Manx family related by blood to Bligh’s wife and Campbell’s niece.

    Morgan’s Run

  • His father, Alexander Macdonald the elder, was a chief of the Scottish Island of Colonsay, off the Argyleshire coast, but nearly related by blood to the Earl of Antrim, professing himself therefore of the same race, kin, and religion as the Irish Macdonnells, and sharing their ancient grudge against the whole race of the Campbells.

    The Life of John Milton

  • Connected by blood to the Caecilii Metelli, therefore high born enough.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • The practice of women wearing male dress existed also in that part of Montenegro known as the Brda, which includes those tribes that are according to tradition allied by blood to those of Albania.

    High Albania

  • There is a ledge on the altar, caked with dirt and blackened by blood from the dripping of the strange fruit that is weighed there.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • As the new country (Haran) still offered too many dangers to this man whom God's grace singled out, so also did his "relatives" (moledheth), those who were tied to him by blood and were exerting a more subtle and powerful influence than the individual usually realizes.

    Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1


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