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  • adj. Alternative spelling of child-free.


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  • I applaud his efforts to enable people with common interests to locate each other more easily, but the label childfree continues to make me uncomfortable.


  • In order to be happily a parent, you do not have to label childfree people as hollow or selfish. Main RSS Feed

  • The childfree are a diverse group of people, much like the reasons behind the choice not to procreate; however, childfree people tend to be less conventional, more highly educated, and professional.

    BlogHer - Comments

  • Just think about the dirty looks women often get when they announce that they don't want to have children, or the disdain with which the 'childfree' discuss to choice to have them.

    REVIEW: The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall

  • As someone who has no children and wants none i.e., I'm "childfree", I find this mental exercise amusing.

    Mass Sterilization, Reconsidered, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Each of the couples interviewed answer specific questions about their 'childfree' decision; how they reached that decision; their happiness and the quality of their lives without children, and how they deal with the many questions and pressures they face on a daily basis with family and friends.

    Families of Two: Summary and book reviews of Families of Two by Laura Carroll.

  • Families of Two takes us into the lives of fifteen childfree couples and provides important answers to many of the questions faced by couples who are in the midst of deciding whether or not to have children, and those couples who have already made the decision to be 'childfree'.

    Families of Two: Summary and book reviews of Families of Two by Laura Carroll.

  • Burkett calls her mode of life "childfree," and sympathizes with those who speak of parents as "breeders."

    The Case Against Kids

  • Parents have similarly taken offence at the modern term's uprising, as "childfree" bears a negative insinuation that anyone with kids is somehow tethered down in life. Top Stories

  • She finds the jauntier "childfree" no more respectful, with its implicit message of embracing liberation from a life of parenting - a sentiment often expressed by those who've chosen not to have kids, but rare among those mourning the loss of the family of their dreams. Top Stories


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