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  • n. A type of fastener consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends which can be snapped into place


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  • Also, features such as circlip grooves do not appear to contain tolerancing information - so on the one hand, by using the shaft generator I am 'saving' myself time, but then when it comes to drawing the shaft up I loose the gained time because I now have to manually apply tolerancing to keyways and circlip grooves (which then of course is not linked to the model data).

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  • The Power-Torque drive side bearing system is the same as on Ultra-Torque cranks, including the circlip that holds the crank from moving laterally by anchoring the bearing (which is attached to the spindle) in the external bearing cup.

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  • Once you have pressed the pins through, install a new circlip to the other side of each piston — install them by pushing one side of the clip in with your finger and chasing the rest in with a small flat blade screwdriver.

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  • With cheaper-specced trailers, the adjuster extending from the ram to the brake drums is on a splined shaft and the only way to adjust is to remove the circlip (which often involves getting the gas torch out).

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  • This is because my current turbo, which does have an FP cartridge, is using their exhaust housing, oil & water fittings, clamp, circlip and actuator.


  • Why when placing a circlip groove am I asked to specify dimension 'x' which is from the end of the shaft rather than specifying the active length 'LF' ....... surely LF is the one that you want to be tying up (eg bearing width).

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  • A good rummage through my collection of windvane spare parts told me that the one thing I didn’t have was a circlip to fit.

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  • If you’re using new pistons, you need to install a new circlip into the inside of each piston prior to putting them on the rods.

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  • RESULT AND DISCUSSION 4.1 While carrying out H.F.E.C. inspection of the main wheel assembly hubs, the various types of sub-surface and surface flaws observed are crack at the hub flange attachment holes, crack between the wheel nozzle hole and flange attached hole, sub surface/surface crack at the blending area of the vent holes of the hub, fine crack initiation at the groove formed by the circlip flange, crack at the corner formed by flange and the web

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