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  • noun A micaceous mineral of a reddish-brown to copper-red color, occurring in brittle foliated masses at Amity in New York. Also called seybertite.
  • Of or pertaining to the Clinton group (which see, under group).

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  • noun mineralogy A calcium magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate mineral of the margarite group of micas.


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Clinton +‎ -ite


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  • I am watching cnn right now, guess who is on? cnn's very own clintonite!

    McAuliffe says Clinton staying in, will win popular vote 2008

  • She's a diehard clintonite, but she is coming around.

    Obama Campaign Opens Fire On McCain Over "Not Too Important" Comment 2009

  • Due to all the noise about the clintons, from their leaks, and the clintonite appointments, the obama camp leaked some non-clintonite appointments.

    Strategic Leaks Versus Unplanned Leaks 2009

  • Once this 'clintonite infested' meme takes hold they will use it to batter and insist that there is no change!

    Ron Klain Will Be Biden's Chief Of Staff As Old Clinton Hands Return To D.C. 2009

  • I was expecting something different from him since he was a clintonite that could be appealing to centrists but the show is a bad impersonation of Rino Joe from the left.

    The Full Feed from 2010

  • Wed, 06/10/2009 - 10: 13 - OliverDreams clintonite

    Crooks and Liars 2009

  • | Reply | Permalink matthew weaver - i've always thought that it was bad enough that each time you post here, you force people to look at you in that ridiculous shower cap. but i must say that reading the content of your posts is much more disturbing than your need to inundate complete strangers with pictures of you and two newborns. question: what is the scenario that plays out in your mind (the one covered by your Jeri-curl rag) that gives hillary the nomination? apparently, in the carefully-constructed fantasy land of the paranoid clintonite mob, the superdelegates (most of whom are white) are going to look democratic voters in their eyes and say, "well, those WERE the rules, but hillary and hillbilly have convinced us that the voters made the wrong choice. we have therefore corrected this mistake and will be going forward." doesn't that strike you as oddly reminiscent of kissinger's explanation for the assassination of allende?

    Hillary: Tuesday's Voting Will Be A "Game Changer" 2009

  • | Reply | Permalink support for graham would extend to everyone put off by O's "lack of experience", also help antiwar folks feel like they're included. as far as rendell, PA seems contested also, so there's 2 states to start. i know rendell's support comes from philly and pittsburgh, but still he might help with joe (white) sixpack. also, rendell's a clintonite of sorts, might help with hillary supporters. ditto for clark, who singlehandedly demolishes mcCain's advantage on millitary issues, also opposed to the war. though that valedictorian thing probably won't help, alas.

    Poll: McCain Retakes Lead In Florida 2009

  • i like how half the people complain he is a clintonite ... and the rest, no experience. it can only be one of those you guys. Stories / Popular 2008


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