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  • n. Plural form of codepoint.


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  • UTF-8 bytes, or even UTF-16 double-bytes, are not Unicode codepoints.

    Snell-Pym » R7RS

  • If you want to be able to deal with Unicode without horrible surprises, then you need to ditch "characters" and instead just have strings, some of which cannot be split any smaller yet may still be a series of Unicode codepoints, such as a letter plus a few combining characters.

    Snell-Pym » R7RS

  • I guess abecedaria is about characters in a writing system being primarily glyphs and secondarily abstract codepoints. ABECEDARIA.

  • Typically this means you either supply data in incorrect encoding, encoding gets changed while the data makes its way to your database, or your database does not understand the encoding or specific codepoints you are trying to use.

  • (Aside: There's also a technical argument that no XML format can ever represent all RDF graphs since RDF allows Unicode codepoints that are not allowed in XML).

    Planet RDF

  • Adam Jackson (2): drm/edid: Skip empty CVT codepoints drm/edid: Fix CVT width/height decode :: Features

  • Patrick: the encoding specifies how the bytes translate into codepoints the charset maps those to glyphs or graphemes if I use ASCII, my charset only goes up to codepoints 127

    Planet Perl

  • I use a fixed 8-bit encoding if I use Unicode, my codepoints go up high

    Planet Perl

  • The sender randomly generates a single bit nonce and encodes it in the ECT codepoints, ECT (0) or ECT (1).

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  • To indicate congestion in the network, routers overwrite the ECT codepoints with the CE bit.

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