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  • v. Present participle of conjure.
  • n. An act in which something is conjured

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  • n. invoking a spirit or devil. See conjure, v..

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  • n. calling up a spirit or devil


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  • Death in creative awakening, however, or death as a giving up or a letting pass the very thoughts our minds are forever conjuring, is not a matter of triumph and loss.

    Shelley's Golden Wind: Zen Harmonics in _A Defence of Poetry_ and 'Ode to the WestWind'

  • Did you find the dream sequences effective in conjuring up the memories and surreal perceptions of the injured Wanda and the dying Margaret?

    Broken For You by Stephanie Kallos: Questions

  • The sternest bachelor was a boy once, and he will have a sort of retrospective enjoyment of our great play-house in conjuring up his own youthful image swinging from the rings, leaping over the horses, and exercising on the parallel bars of our gymnasium.

    Art and Handicraft in the Woman's Building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

  • A dream (or possibly dreams), "such as had not been before", appears to him and he seems to be further described as conjuring "by the Name of Heaven and Earth"; but as the ends of all these lines are broken, the exact connexion of the phrases is not quite certain.

    Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition

  • "Edda!" repeated Ronald to himself, the name conjuring up a thousand recollections of his far-distant home, for he had there heard it frequently.

    Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War

  • 'Convergence' is an appealing term conjuring up an image of things neatly slotting together, and there is some technical justification as proprietary communications and interconnections are replaced by one unified approach-transmitting everything over the internetworking protocol (IP), the foundation of the Internet. Papers

  • But the thing I don’t like about this case down here is what I call the conjuring trick element.’

    Police at the Funeral

  • If the emotionally devastating Goya and even the eerily detached Manet are far superior in conjuring lived horror, with flowing blood and choking gun smoke, it’s because they belonged to times when organized violence could still be convincingly registered in specific detail, at human scale, and painting had not yet lost its grip on external reality to photography and on historical fiction to the movies.

    June 2006

  • He thought, and suddenly recalled a conjuring entertainment he had seen.

    The Man Who Could Work Miracles

  • "You don't call the conjuring up of Endless Snake noticeable?"

    Cyber Way


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