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  • n. Plural form of connexion.


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  • 'Now I look upon it that a young girl who has been brought up, and brought forward in the world as you have been by connexions, is bound to be guided implicitly by them in all her conduct.


  • Their connexions are a constituent part of the idol of their worship -- self; and it is not the least remarkable feature in their characters, that such men are almost always affectionate husbands and devoted parents.

    The Cavaliers of Virginia, or the Recluse of Jamestown. An Historical Romance of the Old Dominion. By the author of "The Kentuckian in New-York." In Two Volumes. Vol. II.

  • Their security was not so perfect that they had not a dread of falling towards the pit, they were always lashing themselves by new ropes, their cultivation of "connexions," of interests, their desire to confirm and improve their positions, was a constant ignoble preoccupation.

    In the Days of the Comet

  • It was the worst of these kind of connexions, there was no calculating the consequences; they were never-ending.


  • Dickens's word - "connexions," with seemingly unrelated characters beginning to show up in one another's stories.

    Orange Crate Art

  • I wish to go at Michilmas but my town connexions are so tight woven, so multifarious that I am, at least at present, tied by the leg.

    Letter 265

  • If Congresswoman Gifford's attacker turns out to have strong right-wing connexions - as I think he may - he will have done to the Tea Party what the Democrats have been so far unable to do.

    The Tea Party rules Washington as Barack Obama braces for savage cuts

  • Though I had some reason to suspect the professions of Mr. Parker, yet, until this case was presented, I had not supposed him capable of practicing such scandalous fraud upon his kindred and connexions....


  • If you have any good connexions with restaurant or retail wine shop owners in those cities, he would gladly accept the contacts.


  • In any case it is probably apparent that I believe mans only contact with his maker is on a one to one basis and that I do not believe that all the laws we have were given to us through human contact, but through our own spiritual connexions (I do not mean ghosts) and the ethical teachings of those we have respect for.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...


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