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  • n. Plural form of convolvulus.


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  • This bas-relief was surmounted by a projecting plinth, upon which a variety of chance growths had sprung up, — yellow pellitory, bindweed, convolvuli, nettles, plantain, and even a little cherry-tree, already grown to some height.

    Eug�nie Grandet

  • We had a delicious gallop over the sands to the Waiakea river, which we crossed, and came upon one of the vast lava-flows of ages since, over which we had to ride carefully, as the pahoehoe lies in rivers, coils, tortuosities, and holes partially concealed by a luxuriant growth of ferns and convolvuli.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • Eugenia (Eugenia Malaccensis), and the pandanus, with its aerial roots, all looped together by large sky-blue convolvuli and the running fern, and is marvellous with parasitic growths.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • The 9th of May, after another such an up-and-down course, ascending hills and descending into the twilight depths of deepening valleys, we came suddenly upon the Mukondokwa, and its narrow pent-up valley crowded with rank reedy grass, cane, and thorny bushes; and rugged tamarisk which grappled for existence with monster convolvuli, winding their coils around their trunks with such tenacity and strength that the tamarisk seemed grown but for their support.

    How I Found Livingstone

  • Sometimes he is assisted by ropes extemporized from the long convolvuli which hang from almost every tree, but not always, these being deemed superfluities by the

    How I Found Livingstone

  • She dwelled, as she passed, on all tiny, pretty things — on the barbaric yellow ragwort, and pink convolvuli; on all the twinkling of flowers, and dew, and snail-tracks drying in the sun.

    The Trespasser

  • On either side the white path was a grassy margin thickly woven with pink convolvuli.

    The Trespasser

  • The pink convolvuli were fairy horns or telephones from the day fairies to the night fairies.

    The Trespasser

  • Agrius convolvuli (Sweet potato hornworm) sweet potato, taro

    Chapter 7

  • Pests - among the insects attacking the leaves of sweet potato are leaf folders (Brachmia spp.), Bihar hairy caterpillar (Diacrisia obliqua), both in South-East Asia and Indonesia, and sweet potato hornworm (Agrius convolvuli) throughout the eastern hemisphere; in the western hemisphere, army worm (Spodoptera sp.), Alabama argillacea and Manduca singulata are often serious.

    Chapter 30


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