counterguerrilla love



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  • adj. Opposed to guerrillas and their warfare.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

counter- +‎ guerrilla


  • Donovan organized an intelligence unit in the army and the Green Berets he scouted at Fort Bragg arrived to train Thai soldiers in counterguerrilla tactics.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • The campaign would be held up by its supporters as a “model of counterguerrilla warfare” and by its detractors as one of the most harsh and cruel campaigns in American history.

    Between War and Peace

  • It was not examined seriously at West Point or the Army War College, and the U.S. military jettisoned just about anything to do with counterinsurgency—all those counterguerrilla, “little-war” tactics and doctrines so romantically invoked during the Kennedy years.

    Magic and Mayhem

  • I think they of course are looking for material support, especially for technical counterguerrilla programs.

    Understanding Security Force Assistance | ATTACKERMAN

  • But if Washington follows through on its recent pledge to use U.S. military aid to Colombia for counterguerrilla operations instead of restricting it to anti-drug ops, he stands a chance.


  • Several "conventional" wars have been fought over it, and "unconventional" guerrilla and counterguerrilla warfare has been in progress for decades, and it has more than once been the occasion for a short-fuse nuclear confrontation.

    Hobbes in the Himalayas

  • The BLIs were lightly armed, highly mobile, quick-reaction forces trained in counterguerrilla tactics.


  • We have the military that is some of the best counterguerrilla, counterterrorist forces in the world, that provides advice to some of these other fledgling countries of military capabilities that are a lesser degree of prowess, and it nips it in the bud early.

    CNN Transcript Mar 11, 2004

  • He said everything is going on here: counterterror, counterinsurgency, counterguerrilla.

    CNN Transcript Nov 23, 2003

  • In counterguerrilla situations, the station is within the battalion operational base.

    FM 7-98 Chapter 8 - Combat Service Support


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