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  • n. A blend of cranberry and apple.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Blend of cranberry and apple


  • And of course, there are the countless even weirder permutations: kiwi-strawberry, cranapple-grape, pineapple-mango, açaí-pomegranate.

    Melody Moezzi: Get to the Doctor, Dr. Ahmadinejad!

  • Clockwise from upper left: green beans and mushrooms, candied yams, cranapple dessert, cornbread stuffing and smoked turkey.

    [thanksgiving] and the space shuttle

  • Try the holiday flavors -- peppermint and cranapple; $11.95 each at sugar daisy. com.

    Please Tip The Hostess

  • There was potato pierogi, stuffing, macaroni and cheese (that was made by me!), cranapple pie .... and delicious wine to drink!

    misspinkkate Diary Entry

  • A glass of cranapple juice sat on her left, and on her right was a structurally unsound stack of documents and files that looked as if they might plummet to the floor any minute.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #1

  • The Blue Apple salad featuring apples cranapple, blue cheese and arugala is outstanding, and my mom is a salad master and I don't like blue cheese.

    Recent Reviews Near San Francisco, CA

  • I haven't decided exactly what to do about that yet, except hope that I don't get pulled over, because the cranapple smells kind of like wine.


  • And there's an immediate cranapple lake on the floorboard.


  • Then I forget to bring it in the building, and on my next trip, forget that the travel mug is too big to fit in the cup holder and is still nearly full of cranapple juice.



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