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  • n. Criticism.
  • n. Critique.
  • n. A proponent of critical legal studies.
  • n. A criterium race.


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  • Ghostcrawler is hinting that the amount of crit gained from agility or raw +crit rating is likely to decrease beyond the normal rate assumed by gear and level progression, and this will obviously have an impact on Savage Defense uptime.

  • My only crit is that Stupendous Man would kick Superman in the ass! and for this reason should be replaced!

    Reader Makes Periodic Table Of Superheroics - Geekologie

  • Part of that is the inevitable distractions – the internet, blogs, email, etc, participation in crit groups, and the real life responsibilities of family and work that need to be balanced.

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » The Pace of You

  • The 'critique' or 'crit' is a great example of the sort of judgemental, competitive element we've built in to how we teach what we teach.

    Does design education work against 'Indie Fever'?

  • A criterium - also called a "crit" - is a circuit race held on a short course, about one mile in length, and the riders race for a predetermined time.

    Sierra Sun - Top Stories

  • Bush & Rove praise Zell, Mrs. Bush and McCain crit ...


  • Some folks work, you hear me, work at writing day and night, go to workshops, join crit groups, do everything they can to make the next word better, the next sentence better, and I'll be damned if I let you come off with this elitist no-clue attitude, you semi-pro wannabe!) to write or you don't.

    Poetus Interruptus

  • The main crit­i­cism Bloom lev­els — and I agree with this — is that it’s impos­si­ble to jus­tify any book by say­ing that it’s bet­ter to be read­ing any­thing than read­ing noth­ing.

    I ♥ Oprah « Snarkmarket

  • The crit was a classic L-shaped downtown neighborhood course with some technical sections to keep you on your toes and the group strung out in single file.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Also yesterday, I wrote a 4400 word crit on a 10 thousand word story.

    this is what happens


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