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  • n. A type of loose shorts which look like a skirt; a divided skirt.

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  • a type of women's trousers with wide legs cut loose and full so as to resemble a skirt.


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From French culottes.


  • Daily costumes included black velvet dresses for day, low-cut and bare-backed evening gowns, jackets and coats of rich and rare materials to be worn with velvet skirts by day or satin culottes by night, black lace mantillas, small sable hats, and an umbrella stick of platinum with her name set in diamonds on top.

    The Shoe Queen: Rita Lydig | Edwardian Promenade

  • Now I do look in the dictionary, and I find, for the word culottes -- breeches. '

    Court Memoirs of France Series — Complete

  • "They stole one hundred and forty five louis d'or and paid me with an acquittance for a tax for the sans-culottes, which is another robbery done to the citizens of this commune where I have neither home nor possessions."

    The French Revolution - Volume 3

  • This may be least true of the long "culottes", trousers most closely resembling a skirt, and at best mistakable for a skirt, but insofar as "culottes" establish the principle of dividing woman's outward apparel from the waist down, they merely disguise the grave disorder.

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Like the shrug, like culottes I don’t think they’re called culottes, though, in this year’s incarantion, like the ballon skirt that have all returned to the runway from my middle school melodrama to punish me for shunning fashionable them for “classic” OP parachute pants and Izod shirts, so also does food go to retro comfort food, fondue, and cupcakes.

    Seoul is to Food What Moscow is to Fashion Week – Tofu-Ya

  • The term sans-culottes, meaning "without breeches," implied that the members of this political group were (1 point) women, because they wore skirts. very poor and could not afford pants. pacifists who did not use guns. ordinary patriots without fine clothes.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • I have said without distinction of the indifferent from the suspects; for we hold to these words of Solon's: 'He who is not with us is against us.'"] [Footnote 11113: The trousers used in pre-Revolutionary France by the nobility was called culottes, they terminated just below the knee where the long cotton or silken stockings would begin.

    The French Revolution - Volume 3

  • I came roaring down swearing and blasphemed in a way I hope they would take note and had to run out in my nightgown (sans culottes!) and catch him.

    2010 June « Mudpuddle

  • She drove over to Sixth Avenue in Sunset Park on the day of the grand opening probably to buy some matching culottes for her girls and returned empty handed.

    Andrew Blackmore-Dobbyn: How Cintra Wilson Made Me Care About Fashion Again

  • She didn't have a trace of makeup, her blunt bangs stuck to the beads of sweat on her forehead, and she wore a nonchalant ensemble of faded black flower-print culottes, a loose navy blue and white striped top, and jogging shoes with black socks pulled up to her calves.

    Voto Latino: Le Butcherettes' Teri Gender Bender Puts a Spell On You


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