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  • n. A small, transparent, often tubular laboratory vessel.

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  • n. a pot, bucket, or basin, in which molten plate glass is carried from the melting pot to the casting table
  • n. a cunette
  • n. a small vessel with at least two flat and transparent sides, used to hold a liquid sample to be analysed in the light path of a spectrometer
  • n. an inner lid of a timepiece

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A pot, bucket, or basin, in which molten plate glass is carried from the melting pot to the casting table.
  • n. A cunette.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. . In decorative art, a portable basin of ornamental form in pottery or porcelain, etc., especially one of the flat-bottomed vessels commonly sold with an aiguière or water-pot: frequent in faience of the eighteenth century.
  • n. . In glass manufacturing, a basin for receiving the melted glass after refining, and decanting it on the table to be rolled into a plate.
  • n. . In fortification, a trench dug in the middle of a large dry ditch; a cunette.
  • n. In photography, a narrow vessel of glass, porcelain, vulcanite, etc., for holding silver nitrate or other solutions: it is placed vertically or at an angle, and into it the photographic plate is dipped.


French, diminutive of cuve, tub, from Latin cūpa.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • Les oiseaux et les mammifères de la cuvette du Djoudj (delta du fleuve Sénégal).

    Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, Senegal

  • La faiencerie avec un bel etalage d'evier coloré et de cuvette de chiotte.

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • A sample of the processed water was collected (50 cc) in a plastic vessel and another sample was taken for spectrophotometry in its plastic cuvette.

    Chapter 4

  • Beyond it was a _cuvette_ with its typical central line of

    Across Unknown South America

  • In proceeding across the immense circular _cuvette_ I found that the central line of thick vegetation formed an angle.

    Across Unknown South America

  • A deep deposit of grey ashes and sand encircled this _cuvette_.

    Across Unknown South America

  • In fact, the summit of that particular table-land was made up of subsidiary domes dividing _cuvette_ from _cuvette_ in succession.

    Across Unknown South America

  • We were then in a grassy basin -- another _cuvette_ with two central tufts of thickly packed trees.

    Across Unknown South America

  • No sooner had we left that beautiful _cuvette_ than we came to a magnificent flat open valley extending from E.S.E. to W.N.W. In its northern part, where a pool of stagnant water was to be found, were innumerable _burity_ palms.

    Across Unknown South America

  • The elevation of the upper edge of the _cuvette_ was 2,500 ft., that of the bottom 2,450 ft.

    Across Unknown South America


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