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  • noun Pl. cymbæ (-bē). In the nomenclature of spongespicules, a boat-shaped microsclere or flesh-spicule.
  • noun [capitalized] In conchology, same as Cymbium, 1.


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    I QUESTION THE GENERAL - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • The narrow-curved depression between the helix and the antihelix is called the scapha; the antihelix describes a curve around a deep, capacious cavity, the concha, which is partially divided into two parts by the crus or commencement of the helix; the upper part is termed the cymba conchæ, the lower part the cavum conchæ.

    X. The Organs of the Senses and the Common Integument. 1d. 1. The External Ear

  • These words become in Latin, cymba, and cymbalum; and I think you will find it entirely convenient and advantageous to call the leaf-stalk distinctively the 'cymba,' retaining the mingled idea of cup and boat, with respect at least to the part of it that holds the bud; and understanding that it gathers itself into a V-shaped, or even narrowly vertical, section, as a boat narrows to its bow, for strength to sustain the leaf.

    Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • The "subvectat corpora" will serve to remind you of the office of the leafy cymba in carrying the bud; and make you thankful that the said leafy vase is not of iron; and is a ship of Life instead of Death.

    Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • Already, not once, nor twice, I have had to use the word 'stem,' of the main round branch from which both stalk and cymba spring.

    Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • The 'stem,' you are to say, then, when you mean the _advancing_ shoot, -- which lengthens annually, while a stalk ends every year in a blossom, and a cymba in a leaf.

    Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • A stem is essentially round, [37] square, or regularly polygonal; though, as a cymba may become exceptionally round, a stem may become exceptionally flat, or even mimic the shape of a leaf.

    Proserpina, Volume 1 Studies Of Wayside Flowers

  • Miguel de Cifuentes, till the text, in the language of bibliographers, looks like "cymba in oceano."

    The History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic — Volume 3

  • Graft Sources Graft sources:  Septum (bony / cartilaginous) o Conchal cartilage o Osteochondral rib grafts o Calvarial bone o Intrinsic contours of specific conchal  elements well-suited for reconstruction of nasal structure: Concha cymba -- columellar strut o Concha cavum -- tip grafts, LLCs o Bowl sidewall -- alar replacement, o batten grafts, ULC replacements  Cartilage grafts must be placed on a well-vascularized bed to ensure viability.

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  • a copy of this exquisitely printed book; the text of which, surrounded by such an amplitude of margin, in the language of Ernesti [see his Critique on Havercamp's Sallust] "natut velut cymba in oceano."

    Bibliomania; or Book-Madness A Bibliographical Romance


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