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  • n. The division of the cytoplasm of a cell following the division of the nucleus.

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  • n. The process in which the cytoplasm of a cell divides following the division of the nucleus.

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  • n. organic process consisting of the division of the cytoplasm of a cell following karyokinesis bringing about the separation into two daughter cells


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cyto- + -kinesis


  • Cytokinesis - The final stage in the process of cell division is known as cytokinesis, which usually begins during late anaphase or early telophase (before mitosis ends) as the nuclear envelope and nucleoli are reforming and the chromosomes are de-condensing (see Figure 1 (f)).


  • In this quest we are currently focusing on a family of proteins called the ESCRTs which defines and manipulates membrane shapes for several cellular as well as pathological processes such as cytokinesis, multivesicular body biogenesis, phagocytosis and

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  • Do you reproduce by mitosis and cytokinesis like amoebas do?

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  • From the 38 genes, 14 ~37% are annotated in the slim GO annotation as participating in cell-cycle,meiosis or cytokinesis.

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  • Functional analysis of human microtubule-based motor proteins, the kinesins and dyneins, in mitosis/cytokinesis using RNA interference.

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  • Twittinesis cytokinesis - the splitting of cytoplasm, a stage of mitosis

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  • Aurora B kinase is an important mitotic kinase involved in chromosome segregation and cytokinesis.

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  • The present study evaluated genotoxic profile of uranium with the cytokinesis-block micronucleus centromere assay.

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  • Our specific aims are to understand the regulation of mitotic exit and cytokinesis.

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  • Another complex found by us, the exocyst (and its component EXCO7), is missing in MSP, although it was observed on mitotic spindles by immunofluorescence and is required for the completion of cytokinesis

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