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  • v. Present participle of decay.


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decay +‎ -ing


  • In her forthcoming term, she plans to help open up France to private medicine, in an effort to offset what she calls a decaying public sector.

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  • He pressed Egyptians to peacefully bring down what he called a decaying regime and threatened

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  • Our first pooch, Stinko (she earned the name by routinely rolling around in decaying organic matter), would cower and shake in the back of the car.

    Life on Four Wheels

  • But, as noted, there may be some great opportunities in decaying suburbs, if you know how to make opportunity work for you. serial catowner Says:

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  • America is decaying from the inside out, we need a better CLASS of Americans. lyn

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  • Not cartoony ugly, like Basil Wolverton, but blotchy and smelly and decaying from the inside out.

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  • The Bird Cage theater, crumbling, dusty, and decaying, is the Old West.


  • I even bought a house in decaying Yorkville as a wedding present for the girl I was courting, that is, was courting over thirty years ago.

    What Is Wrong with Loving Canada?

  • But Ngurn's father, wrapped in decaying grass-matting and hanging even then over their heads among the smoky rafters of the devil-devil house, had held otherwise.

    The Red One

  • The few explicit items (that the boy has a friend who is, for my money, some sort of baby-griffin-dog-lizard-thing Team Ico has created their own mythos for that players will never hear, that there are guards who impede the boy's progress, that the game is set in decaying ruins surrounded by staggering natural vistas) are surrounded by a number of implications that players can choose to accept or deconstruct, depending on how much free time they have on their hands.

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