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  • n. An SI unit of length equal to 10−1 metres.

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  • n. a metric unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter


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deci- +‎ metre


  • Each space of 1 decimetre is painted alternately red or blue.

    The Montessori Method

  • Of course, they could get over this difficulty if they would drop these names "decimetre" and "millimetre" altogether, and use other terms, new words altogether, having no relation to metre; each of these, then, would be a unit.

    The British and the Metric Systems

  • Units: cubic cm (cm3) cubic ft (cu ft; ft3) 1 ft3 = 28.3 dm3 cubic decimetre (dm3) cubic yd (cu yd; yd3) 35.31 ft3 = 1 m3

    Chapter 12

  • It thus became possible to study the cathode rays, and also the fluorescence they caused, outside the discharge tube and Lenard concluded from the experiments that he then did that the cathode rays were propagated through the air for distances of the order of a decimetre and that they travel in a vacuum for several metres without being weakened.

    Philipp Lenard - Biography

  • In an enclosed space that is free from dust, these black spots may extend over areas of the order of one square decimetre, and remain for several months (Dewar).

    Jean Baptiste Perrin - Nobel Lecture

  • The shortest of these rods corresponds to a decimetre, the longest to a metre, while the intervening rods are divided into sections a decimetre in length.

    The Montessori Method

  • The first rod is a metre long, and the last a decimetre.

    The Montessori Method

  • The intervening rods decrease, from first to last, 1 decimetre each.

    The Montessori Method

  • They do not take and form a cubic box of a metre in order to get the unit of capacity, but they go down to the decimetre and take that as a new unit to form their box.

    The British and the Metric Systems

  • They do not give another name to this division, but they keep that word metre, and add to it another two syllable word, a decimetre.

    The British and the Metric Systems


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