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  • v. Present participle of delayer.


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  • In 2005, we announced a delayering of our organization, and a third of our managers left.

    Avon CEO likes to see with fresh eyes

  • He could have demonstrated that a bloated top management group was delayering and sharing the pain.

    Charles Warner: Globe Writers Guild Punch Pinch

  • Down-sizing, delayering, outsourcing and reengineering haunt the suburbs as well as the inner cities, mocking the commitments and hollowing out the institutions which were once the lodestars of the salariat.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • JEFFREY KRAMES, AUTHOR, "THE RUMSFELD WAY": This guy was ahead of his time because here, in 1977, you Don't have companies out there doing things like down sizing and delayering and selling off noncore businesses.

    CNN Transcript Oct 21, 2006

  • Among the design principles the OD must achieve is the delayering of the organisation, to reduce it's control span, but most significantly the organisation must phase out leadership organs which do not correspond with any equivalent government authority.


  • The next step to true reinvention usually is delayering, reducing the number of levels of management hierarchy in order to speed the flow of information and decision making.

    Fit, Failure, and the Hall of Fame

  • For example: successful streamlining strategies are generally coupled with reengineering work; most redesigns of work flow lead to delayering and a greater degree of self-management of workers; genuine cross-boundary partnerships depend upon participants with authority to make decisions across organizational boundaries; and establishing self-managing work teams involves the redesign of work, often reduces layers of management, improves communications, and adds to the quality of work life.

    Npr Report Transforming Organizational Structures Pt

  • Line managers would be empowered by shifting authority and responsibility from departmental staff offices to line managers and field staffs through decentralization, delayering, and reductions in the size of staff offices.

    Npr Report Quality Leadership And Management Pt

  • All of this suggests that a more flexible classification system designed to encourage more broadly defined jobs and to more readily permit dual career ladders could facilitate the streamlining or delayering of federal organizations.

    Npr Report Human Resource Management Part

  • Other decentralization and delayering plans are in the works.

    National Performance Review Report Chapter B


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