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  • n. Plural form of demesne.


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  • Nothing to be met with in English demesnes can give an adequate idea of the size and magnificence of this matchless bird when seen in his native solitudes.

    Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon

  • The ship lifts itself out of the water and becomes the most powerful weapon in Countess Ilona's arsenal, stoking pride in the inhabitants of her demesnes and fear in the hearts of her rivals.


  • Over the years a towel and a picnic spread out on the bank, with perhaps a tent or two, had grown into a colony of picket-fenced demesnes dotted about the island.


  • A considerable band of Scottish warriors had joined the Crusaders, and had naturally placed themselves under the command of the English monarch, being, like his native troops, most of them of Saxon and Norman descent, speaking the same languages, possessed, some of them, of English as well as Scottish demesnes, and allied in some cases by blood and intermarriage.

    The Talisman

  • The letter threw upon Father Ambrose the fault, should this solitary lamb, unwillingly left within the demesnes of the prowling wolf, become his final prey.

    The Abbot

  • The money was to be paid out of crown lands, estates forfeited to the King, and other property or demesnes of the crown.

    The Abbot

  • No, the real bigotry is nurtured within the demesnes of the chattering classes, and is held toward everyone else, and becomes especially virulent when somebody who should just be grateful for all the wonderful things their betters bestow on them instead decide to step up, smile, and participate.

    Is Sarah Palin the new Ronald Reagan?

  • Waged in the name of opposing interests and ideologies, the pitiful destruction and its bitter aftermath were acted out on the village greens and town squares, in the demesnes of castles and the courtyards of great country houses.

    'Read My Heart: A Love Story in England's Age of Revolution'

  • I will have such a proportion of ground belonging to every barony, he that buys the land shall buy the barony, he that by riot consumes his patrimony, and ancient demesnes, shall forfeit his honours.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • [35] When all was done he summoned the Persian priests and told them the city was the captive of his spear and bade them set aside the first-fruits of the booty as an offering to the gods and mark out land for sacred demesnes.



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