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  • n. A motorized bicycle for paced cycling events such as keirin.


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Named after the French manufacturer of the original derny bicycle Roger Derny et Fils.


  • Japanese keirin is not the event competed at the Olympic Games where it debuted in 2000 and the pacesetter rides a motorised '' derny ''.

    News On Japan

  • But I'd only want them if they smelled like two-stroke engine smoke, or alternately, like fat, cigarette-smoking derny drivers.

    BSNYC Thursday Fun Quiz! (with announcement)

  • The cabin collects another win as Michael Smith Larsen takes the derny - Martyn wants the glory of taking his cap and towel round and I have to do the 'personal photographer' thing for him.

  • I like the 15 lap derny sprint, a kind of mega keirin, but with a much higher swing off speed for the derny - Jesper went early, grabbed a big lead but died - the crowd loved it, though.

  • My camera battery began to die on me tonight, usually it lasts a whole six on one charge, but I've taken so many pictures of Martyn that it's feeling the pace - tonight I had to snap him pushing off Franco, in the derny.

  • When the derny did peel off and the riders began to sprint for home Hoy still had some work to do.

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  • And when the race did get start Hoy was unable to lead from the front as he likes, instead settling in behind the leaders as the derny, a motorbike that guides the cyclists round the track, picked up speed.

    The First Post: Latest

  • In the second attempt van Velthooven led straight and Dawkins hugged his wheel behind the motorised derny bike pacemaker. - Stuff

  • PEZ: What do you do in the summer, when you're not derny driving?

  • I was thinking "this is classic," some fan got his derny bike out to ride / motor next to his favorite rider.

    VeloNews | The Journal of Competitive Cycling


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