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  • n. An antitussive drug (a cough suppressant) that is found in many over-the-counter cold and cough preparations.


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  • And with regard to dextromethorphan, which is the active ingredient in just about every single cough syrup on the market, I can personally attest to its “dissociative” properties from the time I accidentally took 2 tablespoons of Robitussin instead of 2 teaspoons.

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  • When I asked doctors about that, they said, look, in these medicines is this ingredient, is often this ingredient called dextromethorphan and it's a derivative of an opiate.

    CNN Transcript Oct 18, 2007

  • As part of the multi-dose phase of the study, the extent to which CTP-347 inhibits the drug-metabolizing enzyme, CYP2D6, was evaluated by co-dosing subjects with dextromethorphan, which is metabolized by CYP2D6.


  • Companies that use certain active ingredients in over-the-counter medications, such as dextromethorphan (used in cough remedies) and brompheniramine maleate (used in cold meds), now must carry labels indicating they are not to be given to children under age 6.

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  • My roommates and I never did anything together except smoking and occasionally experimenting with dextromethorphan.

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  • In an overdose, dextromethorphan acts as a narcotic, slowing your child's breathing rate and producing drowsiness which may progress to coma.

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  • HAMILTON: Pioro, who helped test Nuedexta, says researchers originally gave dextromethorphan to people with ALS in hopes it would slow down the deadly disease.

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  • On Sept. 14, the FDA will ask a panel of outside experts whether dextromethorphan should be available only as a prescription.

    FDA Looks To Curb Abuse Of Cough Medicine

  • • FDA looks to curb abuse of cough medicine: The agency on Tuesday posted its review of dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in more than 100 over-the-counter medications that is sometimes abused for its euphoric effects.

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  • An FDA analysis concluded that dextromethorphan is abused less often than the popular painkiller codeine but more often than pseudophedrine, a cold medicine ingredient that can be processed into methamphetamine.

    FDA Looks To Curb Abuse Of Cough Medicine


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