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  • n. Enthusiasm for dinosaurs.

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  • n. Same as dancing-mania.


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dino +‎ -mania


  • The film launched a wave of dinomania, and, almost two decades later, it remains the standard image of what dinosaurs would have been like in life.

    That's Not a Dinosaur!

  • The clashing of music and visual senses in Inglorious Basterd bugged the hell out of me. dinomania

    Tarantino Will Make Another Film Before Kill Bill 3; Perhaps a Western or Gangster Picture | /Film

  • Americans are hardly the only ones gripped by dinomania.

    All The World Loves A Dinosaur

  • Does the open ending of "Jurassic Park" mean more dinomania to come?

    A 'Jurassic' Sequel? Maybe.

  • Every serious scientist was ready to concede that it somehow exceeded the bounds of scientific inquiry, that it had become (and indeed had always been) an object of popular fascination and mass appeal, a strange obsession known as "dinomania."

    The Last Formalist, or W.J.T. Mitchell as Romantic Dinosaur

  • These crazes were not provoked by any technological improvement in the design of yo-yos (just as more competent dinosaurs do not engender dinomania).


  • As a practicing paleontologist, I would love to believe that current dinomania arose as a direct product of our research, and of all the fascinating new ideas that our profession has generated about dinosaurs.


  • As a symbol of our dilemma, consider the plight of natural history museums in the light of commercial dinomania.


  • What promotes this substrate to overt and pervasive dinomania?


  • But this theme cannot touch the heart of current dinomania, culminating in the extraordinary response to Jurassic Park, for an obvious, but oddly disregarded, reason: dinosaurs were just as big, as fierce, and as extinct forty years ago, but only a few nerdy kids, and even fewer professional paleontologists, gave a damn about them.



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