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  • adv. In a discursive manner.

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  • In a discursive manner.
  • Digressively.
  • Argumentatively; by reasoning or argument.

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  • adv. in a rambling manner


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  • To me, the real work being done by this paragraph is in the way it settles the reader into the novel's discursively shaped world, begins to evoke a particular kind of relationship between narrator and character.

    Point of View in Fiction

  • PDEG effectively acted as a vehicle for the continued articulation of these values, situating the DSE women fighters 'at the front, [as] the pioneers, the chosen leaders' of this (just) cause, and hence linking discursively the efforts and imagery of the ubiquitous women fighters to the overall cause for women's incorporation into post-war society as political and social equals.

    Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity

  • What can be illuminated here is not so much how the worldview was transformed in Ruvu spheres of the Northeast-Coastal Bantu cultural zone — because it in fact appears mostly intact — but rather how its framework was treated discursively at a local level while being deeply rooted in an ancient episteme.

    Societies, Religion, and History: Central East Tanzanians and the World They Created, c. 200 BCE to 1800 CE

  • Jumblatt was a charming patrician, comfortable speaking Arabic, French, or English, always ready to pour visitors a drink and discursively discuss a poet he had just discovered or the latest books about international affairs he had ordered from Amazon.

    A Privilege to Die

  • Philosophy thus secularizes its theological ambitions and becomes discursively cosmopolitan in the process.

    Post-Secular Conviviality

  • Even in comedic and satiric forms that suspended the stability of this dominant gender ideology, it remained particularly complicated for Romantic women playwrights to portray a body scientifically sexed as female and discursively gendered as feminine that might challenge prevailing medical accounts that devalued the female body as an aberration deviating from the male anatomical “norm.”

    Feminist Utopianism and Female Sexuality in Joanna Baillie’s Comedies

  • In light of this recognition, should we not be on the alert for poems that not only stage the relation of these two kinds of sound in poetry but also deal with it discursively?

    The 'Power of Sound' and the Great Scheme of Things: Wordsworth Listens to Wordsworth

  • It is the fourth and probable final book about Duane Moore, who we first met in The Last Picture Show as a teenager and then followed discursively through adulthood in Texasville and incipient old age in Duane's Depressed.

    Daniel Krotz: 10 Books to Read in 2010

  • Now we have to figure out what to do about the discursively impoverished.

    Robin Lakoff: Disrupting Democracy

  • What Crowley heard as "ranting" and "haranguing" could have been simply the way a Harvard professor talks -- discursively.

    Robin Lakoff: The Professor, the Policeman, and the Judge


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