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  • adj. Having many pages with corners that have been folded down, usually a sign of heavy use.
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of dogear.


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  • We know some of you think we are making up the terribleness of many of the queries we receive, and we are in fact a hateful and high-fullutent person, lolling about with our dogeared copy of Swann's Way (en français, naturellement!) and looking down our nose at the toiling masses whilst extolling leftist-elitist tripe!

    Love is Like a Bottle of Query

  • I'll make my usual, by now dogeared (no offense) comment about foreigners (gringos, expats, ets.) who seem to feel that those who cling to their native culture; live in expat-intensive communities and can only "get by" in Spanish are somehow inferior to those who boldly go forth to become assimilated into Mexican culture.

    Cost of living in Mexican cities

  • (Said as she clutches her dogeared copies of Nova and Tamora Pierce's Lioness books to her heart.)

    msagara: On writerly delusions, starting with my own

  • Others are dogeared and cracked and obviously being read for the third or fourth time.

    Pick of the day: Just people reading

  • Each day, the poor wee boys trundled off trembling to St. Agatha's in their wee blazers, and their striped ties, knobby red knees showing between their grey shorts and laddered-down socks, the hopes of middle class families all up and down Philodendron Lane vested in these sprightly little containers and the little briefcase each carried filled with dogeared books and papers defaced by their illegible scrawls and Hanrahan's brutal red commentary.

    Annals of the Naked Rowdies: The Earliest Days

  • The other day an elderly Brazilian woman took a taxi from her home in Copacabana to downtown Rio de Janeiro with a pocketbook full of dogeared bank notes.

    Dollars And Discontent

  • The GOP proposals would over-turn the ancient federal order, he said, pulling a dogeared copy of the U.S.

    Gingrich Goes Ballistic

  • When Kennedy read aloud from a dogeared copy of Aeschylus '"Agamemnon," it seemed as if he could feel, personally, the curse on the House of Atreus.

    The Camelot Curse

  • Medicine has gotten too complex to practice from a dogeared textbook.

    Finding The Right Rx

  • Politicians squabble, advocates complain-and on nearly every street corner in Manhattan, someone extends a dogeared paper cup and asks for change.

    New York: 'The Wind Will Rattle Your Bones'


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