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  • n. A person suffering from erotomania (in either sense).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person suffering from or afflicted with erotomania.


From eroto- + -maniac (Wiktionary)


  • My great-great aunt Constance was, I believe, some kind of erotomaniac, while her two sisters, Trissie and Elsie, carried their maidenhoods with them to their graves -- and I am only counting among the deceased.

    Loathed, Lovable and Loopy

  • "Festival of Lights" or "Winter Holiday" parades that are inclusive of gay 'erotomaniac' celebrants; traditional marriage compromised by 'gay' unions.

    Latest Articles

  • An example of an extreme erotomaniac can be seen in Tarasoff v. Regents.

    Profile of a Stalker : Law is Cool

  • An erotomaniac has a persistent belief that they are loved by another, even if the other person does not know they exist.

    Profile of a Stalker : Law is Cool

  • Their behaviour, however, can be exactly the same, and just as creepy as the regular erotomaniac.

    Profile of a Stalker : Law is Cool

  • Looker 2008 is a new erotic photography book by American photographer Richard Kern, with text by British writer Geoff Nicholson, the boyfriend of American erotomaniac Dian Hanson.

    10 « September « 2008 « Jahsonic

  • Some footage of an ARTE TV documentary film of a 2004 Nobuyoshi Araki, Japanese dandy and erotomaniac.

    15 « October « 2007 « Jahsonic

  • The other is that some erotomaniac stalker who somehow became obsessed with her ...

    CNN Transcript Oct 31, 2005

  • A child stalker is a manipulative sociopath, an erotomaniac, as well as a pedophile.

    The Flower Man

  • The Edmund Wilson of Jeffrey Meyers's squalid biography is an irascible erotomaniac, short, stout, and redfaced, whose chronic irritability is relieved mainly by alcohol.

    The Man with Qualities


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