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  • adj. Of, relating to, or acting like estrogen.
  • adj. Causing estrus.

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  • adj. relating to or caused by estrogen


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  • But it's still unclear whether people are being harmed by BPA or any other so-called estrogenic chemicals in plastics.

    NPR Topics: News

  • But the problem with parabins is that they "are estrogenic, meaning they will bind to estrogen receptors on cells, and in test-tube studies, they actually stimulate breast cancer cells," she said.

    Personal Care Controversy

  • BPA enters our bodies and, because of its "estrogenic" properties, it can affect pancreatic beta-cell production. - Local News

  • Laboratory studies indicate that parabens are estrogenic, meaning they can mimic the hormone estrogen, disrupting normal function of the hormone system


  • The amount of estrogenic activity in some mineral waters is around the same amount that has been found in milk, another modern food product known to be contaminated with hormones.

    Estrogens Found in Bottled Water

  • The researchers were surprised to find significant estrogenic activity in 12 of the brands, with activity the equivalent of as much as 7.5 ng/L of 17 beta-estradiol, the naturally occurring sex hormone.

    Estrogens Found in Bottled Water

  • To prove it, they bred snails in both the plastic and glass bottles - snails bred on plastic had higher reproductive output, a lab measure of estrogenic activity of the plastic.

    Estrogens Found in Bottled Water

  • Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick, a New Zealand toxicologist estimated that babies fed a strict diet of soy milk “ingested the estrogenic equivalent, based on body weight, of five birth control pills a day.”

    Food and Drink

  • And products containing lavender oil or tea tree oil -- both of which have estrogenic effects -- have been shown to cause enlarged breasts in young boys (gynecomastia).

    Joan Liebmann-Smith, PhD and Jacqueline Egan: Baby Health Quiz: 6 Questions to Test Your Knowledge

  • They were interested in parabens because there is some evidence that these compounds have some estrogenic properties and could potentially influence the breast.

    Susan M. Love: Parabens and Breast Cancer: A New Study Brings More Questions Than Answers


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