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  • adj. Relating to the assignment of value to a person, thing, or event.
  • adj. judgmental; tending to reduce a thing to a simple evaluation.

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  • adj. exercising or involving careful analytical evaluations.

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  • adj. exercising or involving careful evaluations


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evaluate +‎ -ive


  • The self has difficulty in accurately judging itself in areas that are desirable or undesirable, what she calls evaluative traits. - latest science and technology news stories

  • This issue does pose an in-principle general problem for the aspiration of consequentialism to explain deontic categories in terms of the evaluative, which is why it has been a focus of intense scrutiny.

    Value Theory

  • First, we have an indispensable ability both to have certain moral intuitions and to articulate the grounds of those intuitions, and this ability presupposes the existence of what Taylor calls evaluative frameworks, frameworks also presupposed by our concept of personhood.

    Personal Identity and Ethics

  • Honeycomb metering is also known as evaluative, matrix or multi-segment metering. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • At some point the critic has decided that the work in question is worth this sort of description and analysis, and that it is worth a potential audience's time, but to belabor the "evaluative" function of criticism beyond that point is really just superfluous.

    Principles of Literary Criticism

  • Consequently, what are here labeled “emotion views” are divided into those that understand love to be a particular kind of evaluative-cum-motivational response to an object, whether that response is merely occurrent or dispositional (˜emotions proper,™ see Section 5.1, below), and those that understand love to involve a collection of related and interconnected emotions proper (˜emotion complexes,™ see Section 5.2, below).


  • I mean, trying to navigate the flood of cultural products on offer at any given moment, it's at least helpful I'd argue necessary to have some kind of evaluative guideposts to go by, e.g., commentators you trust, brief roundups of the latest fiction releases, &c.

    The Assassination of Richard Nixon

  • In this regard, it is important to bear in mind that not every kind of evaluative statement would count among the merits of a given rule; its merits are only those values that could bear on its justification.

    Legal Positivism

  • "Critical thinking," she said, "develops over time, and this all has to be part of an evaluative package."

    Susan Ochshorn: Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Getting It Right

  • Lack of this Consumer product spread reduces economic evaluative verbal IQ.

    IQ and Living Standards, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty


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