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  • adj. All except for some previously mentioned set.
  • adj. Every second; each alternate; the second of each pair in turn (perhaps used because "every second" could also refer to "second" as a unit of time or be interpreted as meaning "only the second").


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  • IT WAS A PLEASURE ON THAT day, as it had been after every other round of golf at M&C, to make the slow ride down the mountain and then go along the lake.

    The Italian Summer

  • Today, LaShekia Chatman and her mom, Renita, live in the more economically prosperous community of Cheektowaga, not far from downtown Buffalo, in a brick house with wrought iron fencing—identical to every other house on their street.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • If Reagan did anything, says historian Robert Dallek, it was simply to stand on the shoulders of every other Cold War president before him.


  • One Capuan freedman, for example, did not mind getting rich by manufacturing the rough woolen cloaks that were issued to slave field handsissued once every other year, that is.

    The Spartacus War

  • At breakfast I took a pile of the lower dosage pills Dr. Kinder had prescribed, cut them in half, and put one in every other day of my pill organizer.

    Balancing in High Heels

  • Dressed in jeans with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she looked like nearly every other pretty young woman walking by stores at Valley Fair Mall.

    Balancing in High Heels

  • My mother signed the letter, folded it in quarters, and gave the envelope to Fyodor, who tended to the hospital horse Verochka and every other day drove the buggy eight kilometers to the nearest town.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Encoded on these two molecules as strings of specifically arranged nucleotides is the information dictating that humans have ears on opposing sides of the head, a face with a nose in the middle, a pancreas that produces insulin in response to the presence of glucose in the blood, and every other physical characteristic of our bodies.


  • "She's like every other resident or citizen here," Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said.

    Experts: Casey Anthony should go to a safe house

  • His winning formula for effectivenessgain the confidence of colleagues, run a transparent and collegial process, and secure power through proximity to the presidentis one that every other person who holds the office would do well to make their own.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office


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