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  • n. The Egyptian para, equal to one fortieth of a piaster.


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  • A week of many highs and many lows ensued — more literally than figuratively, as it was a successful race for the team — and we deftly charged across the razor-sharp Austrian Alps. Hello mudda, hello fadda. ...

    iAmTedKing: Summer camp

  • Leaning back outside his window, and shaking his pamphlets in the air, the driver shouted to the heavens, “Strike dem down, fadda,” and hurled “Message of Love from God” pamphlets in our window:

    A Kettle of Vultures

  • February 25, 2008 at 3:13 pm yer mutha wuz a hamstuh an yer fadda schmelt ov eldurrberrees!

    Go away… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • Heartened by this loutish spectacle, there is no doubt Bush told "da hully fadda" any number of expansive lies in hopes of igniting a crack down on catholic liberals in general and my honest coreligionist John Kerry in particular.

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • But at times he has come across the water on his fiery steed, or danced to the Rincead-fadda on the shores.

    The Sunny Side of Ireland How to see it by the Great Southern and Western Railway

  • Yung Tom wus gay mad en 'wus fer stickk'n them aw in't watta butt, but, fadda sed, hod thee' and, thou mite hev 'gitten summ gud pups theer, thou nivva noo's woo't dog wus thet hed gitt'n tull her, et least siav yan eft litt'a, en he did.

    Whitehaven News headlines

  • To the teenaged Clive James, watching "Son of Ali Baba" in Sydney, even "Yonda lies da castle of my fadda" sounded quintessentially American: "Nothing mattered except the enchanting way that the tormented phonemes seemed to give an extra zing to the American demotic."


  • It's no coincidence that the one line of Curtis 'that everybody knows is "Yonda lies da castle of my fadda" -- a silly phrase given an ethnic mangling, it seems to encapsulate his whole career and persona.


  • If Allan Sherman had gone to Camp Quest when he was a boy, he would've no doubt written a song about the endless joys of summer camp, instead of one in which he begs his "mudda and fadda" to take him away from a miserable, rain-drenched cabin with a bunkmate with malaria, and a staff that hated kids.

    BeyondChron: San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily News

  • Just once i would like to see the Beef insted of getting it. this election needs a third party wacko to spice things up ... any ideas? why not ex-President Daddy? he's got a term left. fadda eart (Sent Monday, September 15, 2008 5: 33 PM)

    Cosmic Log


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