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  • v. argue or speak in defense of


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  • She shooed them onto the slopes of Cold Mountain to fend for themselves through the autumn, fattening on what mast they could find, which would be plenty.

    Cold Mountain

  • Command's leaving all the firebases to fend for themselves.

    The False Mirror

  • Kaye went more than once to Italy; but we often went to different parts of England, and then we were generally allowed to go together; but Father Payne's theory was that we should travel alone, learn to pick up friends, and to fend for ourselves.

    Father Payne

  • And then, rather than leave these homesteaders to fend for themselves, he created a system of land grant colleges to instruct farmers on the latest agricultural techniques, and to provide them the liberal education that would allow them to dream beyond the confines of life on the farm.

    The Audacity of Hope

  • At Mokpo, a Yellow Sea Port on the southwestern coast of Korea, London, along with the other steamer passengers, were herded ashore to fend for themselves while the Japanese War Office once again requisitioned their ship.


  • Bolted for the safety of the wagons and left the animals to fend for themselves.

    The Warslayer

  • When they passed a stand of beech trees by the river, Ruby said the river took its name from the great numbers of passenger pigeons that sometimes flocked there to eat the beechnuts, and she said she had eaten many a pigeon in her youth when Stobrod would disappear for days at a time leaving her to fend for herself.

    Cold Mountain

  • Doe #4 escapes, leaving the three surviving kits sired by the Chinchilla to fend for themselves.


  • Nay, I’n got no daughter o’ my own — ne’er had one — an’ I warna sorry, for they’re poor queechy things, gells is; I allays wanted to ha’ lads, as could fend for theirsens.

    Adam Bede

  • ‘’Appen yer’d better ’ave this key, an’ Ah min fend for t’ bods some other road.’

    Lady Chatterley's Lover


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