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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of fertilise.


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  • The egg is thereupon said to be "fertilised" -- that is to say, "rendered fertile."

    More Science From an Easy Chair 1888

  • The infertility which may be observed in various dimorphic and trimorphic plants, when they are illegitimately fertilised, that is by pollen taken from stamens not corresponding in height with the pistil, differs much in degree, up to absolute and utter sterility; just in the same manner as occurs in crossing distinct species.

    IX. Hybridism. Reciprocal Dimorphism and Trimorphism 1909

  • Three ships tracked the fate of carbon in a 15-Kilometre-square patch of ocean within the Antarctic Circle that had been 'fertilised' with iron fillings.

    The Speculist: Phil and Stephen to Split $25 Million Earth Challenge Prize 2007

  • It is a matter of common knowledge that it is necessary for the eggs to be "fertilised" in order that they may start on that series of changes and growth which we call "development," and become tadpoles and eventually young frogs.

    More Science From an Easy Chair 1888

  • This organism, it was explained, needs to be 'fertilised', but it is also necessary to 'prune out weak shoots', 'prune out dead wood' and 'prune out strong shoots growing in the wrong direction' (my personal favourite!)

    Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net - CULTURE AND POLITICS AFTER THE NET mute 2010

  • Later, however, the sexuality of flowering plants was taught by his pupils, and at the time of the Roman Empire there was a very definite belief among learned men (such as Pliny) that the larger plants and animals reproduce by eggs or by seeds produced by the females which require to be "fertilised" by a product formed in the males -- the spermatic fluid in the case of animals and by the pollen in the case of a few flowering plants (_e. g._ the date-palm).

    More Science From an Easy Chair 1888

  • Handyside said scientists needed to look further at the pattern of abnormalities in different stimulation regimes including mild stimulation and natural cycle IVF, where one egg per cycle is removed, fertilised and returned to the woman.

    High doses of IVF drugs may cause harm to eggs 2011

  • Hormonal drugs are used in IVF to encourage the ovaries to produce extra eggs, increasing the chances that some will be successfully fertilised and implanted in the womb.

    High doses of IVF drugs may cause harm to eggs 2011

  • One report suggests Indian women with fairer skin and higher IQs can charge more for donating eggs, fertilised in a test tube and then implanted in the surrogate mother. Blog Articles » Print » Outsourcing Baby Making 2010

  • Fragments of meadows survive in areas that have not been heavily ploughed, re-seeded or heavily fertilised.

    Kew unveils native flower seed bank 2011


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