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  • noun philosophy The doctrine that certain concepts are simply convenient fictions


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fictional +‎ -ism


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  • Let us call the fictionalism according to which there is a literal use of the sentences in question with which the ordinary use contrasts use fictionalism; call the other meaning fictionalism.

    Fictionalism Eklund, Matti 2007

  • Let's move on now to a discussion of fictionalism, which is the last option for nominalists.

    Platonism in Metaphysics Balaguer, Mark 2009

  • Craig then goes on to discuss an a posteriori establishment of Premise #1, but Craig treads carefully here: "I remain uncertain of this argument ... which would require us to reject various nominalistic alternatives to conceptualism such as fictionalism, constructabilism, figuralism, and so forth.

    Debunking Christianity 2009

  • Yet the ultimate resolution seemed a cop-out, a descent into a gooey sort of syncretic religiosity and New Age spiritualism that abandoned what had been the show's at first covert science fictionalism.

    William Bradley: Time Slips Away for 24 and Lost in Very Different Finales 2010

  • The problem, Rosen says, is that to embrace fictionalism about a theory T that one accepts commits one to believing claims of the following form:

    Beyond the Voice arlene ang 2009

  • It is nevertheless worth noting the view since, together with fictionalism it illustrates that there are positions which accept only one of the two negative theses constitutive of non-cognitivism.

    Boys in White Suits 2009

  • For the dilemma he presents is inescapable, and each horn of it has dire consequences for the truthiness of naturalism, which thus spawns not only weirdities like error theories of morality, but grotesque notions like eliminative materialism, multiverses, and mathematical fictionalism, which while perhaps not fully bizzonkerist, are certainly up there.

    Carry-Over Thread 2007

  • As the label suggests, they do not regard their view as a species of non-cognitivism, but like fictionalism the view does accept one of non-cognitivism's two constitutive negative theses while rejecting the other.

    Boys in White Suits 2009

  • Philosophical views concerning the ontology of mathematics run the gamut from platonism (mathematics is about a realm of abstract objects), to fictionalism (mathematics is a fiction whose subject matter does not exist), to formalism (mathematical statements are meaningless strings manipulated according to formal rules), with no consensus about which is correct.

    Non-Deductive Methods in Mathematics Baker, Alan 2009

  • A deeply anti-realist approach to modal metaphysics is modal fictionalism: talk about possible worlds as a whole is interpreted as a useful fiction, not literally true and thus not ontologically committing.

    Impossible Worlds Berto, Francesco 2009


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