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  • n. The first, highest, or best group in a system of classification: a restaurant of the first class.
  • n. The most luxurious and most expensive class of accommodations on a train, passenger ship, airplane, or other conveyance.
  • n. A class of mail including letters, post cards, and sealed packages.

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  • adj. Belonging to the best or top group in a system of classification.
  • adj. Of, or relating to the most luxurious and expensive class of accommodation on a train, ship, hotel, etc.
  • adj. Of, or relating to a class of mail to be delivered before second class.
  • adj. Of, or relating to a first class match.
  • adj. Of, or relating to a treatment like that for a first-class citizen.
  • proper n. A rank in the Boy Scouts of America, above tenderfoot and second class, that traditionally has required proficiency in scoutcraft skills.


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  • Parisien says that Italy wants to turn the island into a first class marine fortress, that there are sixty thousand armed newts already there - Just think of that!

    The War with the Newts

  • This being the case, we may classify sequences as Gallo-Anglican or Germano-Italian: to the first class belong the Spanish; to the second those of Holland and Belgium.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • After 6 P.M. Chapel, I remain with some of the lads, the first class of boys, men, and women, every night, and in addition, the second class every other night (not on the nights when I have had them from 7 to 8).

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • You Speak Well for Staunton She is far ahead of our town in Schools I dont think there is a first class school in Our town at this time

    Augusta County: William L. Evans to David H. Evans, November 10, 1868

  • Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer solemnizes this feast as a double of the first class with an octave on the third Sunday of July.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • He was placed in the first class in “Moderations” in 1876 and had even then managed to make himself talked about in the life of the place.

    Oscar Wilde

  • Today, Takhli is first class with a wonderful set of base shops, good housing conditions, good recreational facilities on the way although not fully operational when I left, paved roads, and even street lights and extremely functional and attractive buildings.

    Thud Ridge

  • Piemur's first class that morning was chorus, for they were, as usual at this time of the Turn, rehearsing the spring music for Lord Groghe's feast.

    Dragon Drums

  • The superintendent of Lowood (for such was this lady) having taken her seat before a pair of globes placed on one of the tables, summoned the first class round her, and commenced giving a lesson on geography; the lower classes were called by the teachers: repetitions in history, grammar, etc., went on for an hour; writing and arithmetic succeeded, and music lessons were given by Miss Temple to some of the elder girls.

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. I.

  • Of the first class are the rules which are circulated under the names of Saints Anthony, Isaias,

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss


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