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  • He's all right now, but the hand is dead, all except the thumb and fore-finger, and he's teaching himself to sew with his left hand.


  • My little automatic was discharging as fast as I could tickle the trigger with my fore-finger.


  • He shut the pamphlet on his right fore-finger, at the place he intended to resume, and added his right arm to his left about her.


  • He set his sword down and used his thumb and fore-finger to lift a bit of the fabric, and as he did, he understood what this was.

    Rot & Ruin

  • Then he tilted his hat back and flicked his fore-finger at its brim.


  • My wrist was as fast as ever, but I could just turn my hand, palm upwards, fold the thumb and last three fingers slowly into my palm, and beckon with my fore-finger, once, twice, thrice - and still beckoning, I stared at him again.


  • I once asked my darling Maggie about him, she just laughed and held here thumb and fore-finger an inch apart.

    Margaret Thatcher - A Love Story

  • Gray and her companion, he observed that the former, though she looked at him, exhibited not the slightest token of recognition, unless he could interpret as such, that she slightly touched her upper lip with her fore-finger, which, if it happened otherwise than by mere accident, might be construed to mean, “Do not speak to me just now.”

    The Surgeon's Daughter

  • Had you said thirty years when you ought to have said ten, it might have been supposed that you had made a slip in the gesture used for your calculation, that you had placed your fore-finger against the middle joint of your thumb, when you should have made them form a circle.

    The Defense

  • Here another blank, intelligibly enough made up by the speaker touching his own neck with his left fore-finger, and leaning his head a little to one side.

    The Monastery


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