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  • n. The characteristic of deceptiveness; duplicity; untruthfulness.


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  • The demon climbed out the window and across the front, where he perched like a hood ornament from hell, his forked tongue flying in the wind like a storm-swept pennon, spattering the windshield with saliva.

    Practical Demonkeeping

  • The snake-thing was the last to leave, flicking its forked tongue and clawing the ground in front of it.

    Chainer's Torment

  • In another moment the ass was close to the thicket, and with a cold shudder of horror, we beheld the snake rear itself from its lair, the fiery eyes glanced around, the dark deadly jaws opened widely, the forked tongue darted greedily forth — poor Grizzle’s fate was sealed.

    Swiss Family Robinson

  • It clattered to the floor, barely missing the lizardlike tail of another godboy, who flicked his forked tongue in annoyance at him and then scuttled away.

    Aphrodite the Beauty

  • He twisted his body into winding folds, and darted out his forked tongue with frightful hissings.

    Good Stories for Great Holidays


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  • She hath abated me of half my train;
    Look'd black upon me; struck me with her tongue,
    Most serpent-like, upon the very heart...

    - Shakespeare, King Lear, II. iv.

    August 19, 2008

  • 'twas believed in ancient times that a venomous snake injected poison not from its fangs but through its forked tongue.

    August 19, 2008